We can only judge the quality of the development work we do, by the leaders and organisations we create. In 2008 we witnessed a failure of both, and realised that what had been sold as ‘best practice’ by many academics and consultancies, was in fact little more than snake oil. We saw the price those organisations paid in both human and commercial terms.


In Marylebone’s Nordic Bakery in 2013 we founded Heresy Consulting as a response.

We wanted to replace what we saw as the over-engineered, superficial and soulless fads of popular psychology with something more profound. We felt there was need to return to a more grounded approach. We knew that human systems required human conversations and we wanted to offer an alternative.


Our vision was to develop leaders and organisations who inspired others with their humanity; engaging people through understanding, meaning and empowerment.


We knew that this could not be achieved through generic competency frameworks or grandiose change processes.


Instead we returned to the fundamental principles of depth psychology and considered how to develop leaders and organisations from the ‘inside out’, beginning with a foundation of deep insight.


We knew this demanded time and effort but that the results would be sustainable.


Whilst we continue to develop our ideas and methods, we remain true to our founding principles.



Heresy Consulting Limited

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